About us

Our job is to bring something special to life, and we are proud of what we have to present to you. As with any artist, we owe much of our inspiration to others. The traditional tile work , rug weaving and ceramics of  Berber tribes & artisans from our ancestral home country of Morocco have been a particular source of ideas for us and what we have been inspired to create  is truly unique.

Having observed how these artisans work, we leverage new mediums, such as alcohol ink, yupo paper, and resin with old mediums, such as acrylic, canvas, and ceramics to add entirely original dimensions to these modes of producing. However, we don’t stop at infusing new mediums to old techniques. We are a family that has traveled and lived throughout the world, and we constantly bring this global exposure into our work. We also combine a variety of cultural patterns , motifs & even calligraphy, to infuse yet another dimension to our work.

None of this would be possible without the collaboration of all family members. We are self-taught artists, intuitively drawn to creating in different approaches. Each one of us brings a new element to what we do, and fused together, we can truly produce a range of unique artworks.

Chakib - Our Innovator

Chakib, Moroccan born global citizen, spent most of his adult life in the IT business world. His career allowed him to work across every continent and gain exposure to many different cultures, people, religions, architecture, cuisines and arts. His native city of Marrakech surely has the most influence on his artistic style, as it is renowned for its blend of traditional culture and natural beauty.

Karim - Our Tech Guy

Karim, business solutions engineer, outdoor enthusiast, passionately curious about contemporary artistic techniques. First exposed to making art in school, Karim felt constrained by conventional methods and sought his own framework to create. He credits Marrakech as a major influence and is fascinated with the vibrant colors and Islamic Geometric Patterns.

Samir - Our 3D Guy

Samir, recent UMICH graduate, going with the flow, culturally and intellectually curious. Art was always a school favorite, but it wasn't until he was introduced to ceramics at 16 that his true passion for creation was ignited. The process of muddying his hands with clay led to the intimate connection between potter and pot that peaked his interest and fueled his artistic expression.

Jamal - Our Music Guy

Jake Jamal  UCSD Sophomore, intellectually and spiritually curious and music addict. Jamal believes that not only is art for everyone, but that it captures two of our most valuable abilities, to create and to imagine. Following exposure to art in school and in his personal life,  Jamal  continues to seek inspiration from artists and philosophers who offer their critical insights into our world.