The BOUHDY ART collective is a story best described by one word: fusion. We fuse old techniques with modern mediums. We infuse traditional shapes, pat- terns, and colors with our own personal touch. We are inspired by our global exposure to beautiful places with rich histories & cultures. Combine the aforementioned with the fusion of our individual personalities, and that is BOUHDY ART.

Our job is to bring something special to life, and we are proud of what we have to present to you. As with any artist, we owe much of our inspiration to others. The traditional tile work, rug weaving and ceramics of Berber tribes & artisans from our ancestral home country of Morocco have been a par- ticular source of ideas for us. what we have been inspired to create is truly unique.


Chakib is a moroccan born global citizen. His career has allowed him to work across every continent and gain exposure to many different cultures, people, religions, architecture, cuisines and arts.

His native city of Marrakech has
the most influence on his artistic style, as it is renowned for its blend of traditional culture and beauty. Chakib is Visionary and Driven.


Karim is a UX Designer, builder, outdoor enthusiast, and passionately curious about contemporary artistic techniques. First exposed to making art in school.

Karim felt constrained by certain methods and always looked to create his own form of design. He credits Morocco as a major influence and
is fascinated with the vibrant colors and Islamic geometric patterns. Karim is tactical and creative.


Samir is always going with the flow. Art was always a school favorite, but it wasn’t until samir was introduced to ceramics at 16 that his true passion for creation was ignited.

SAMIR has an intimate connection between our unique patterns and space. He continues to explore how to impose our creative process on objects and in functional designs. Samir is Relaxed and Passionate.


Jamal is the youngest of the brothers. He perfectly embodies the “Student-Teacher”. Jamal has been patient in mastering the techniques created by his family. At the same time Jamal is always look for ways to enhance the BOUHDY ART experience in any way possible.


British born mother with a keen eye for art & a heart of gold. Kathleen has spent many years teaching art history & appreciation to children in the Philadelphia region.

As a former International Airline Sales & Marketing Executive, she contributes on the commercial side, leading our approach with clients, pricing, and curating our collection. Kathleen is Graceful & Compassionate.