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Taroudant - Metal Print - BOUHDY ART

Taroudant - Metallics

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This modern tiling piece is a homage to a walled, ancient Moroccan city that has retained its charm. Situated South of the Atlas mountains, Taroudant was a crossroad for caravan routes from the Sahara desert. The creation of this modern Moroccan artwork influenced us on our journey as we transitioned into exploring the rich world of Moroccan designs.


Why Metal?

We chose todigitally reproduce our work on Metal, and here is why:

I.) Quality -> We do what we do because we want to share with you. Often times, prints from your favorite artists can be reproduced on cheap materials such as paper, and you, the collector, has to find a way to hang them. At Bouhdy Art, we want to do better. Instead, we scoured the globe to find the best quality lightweight prints. We found that only Metal Prints can truly do justice to the quality of original works and even exceed it.


II.) Convenience -> When you order a Metal Print, they come ready to hang. The 1/16" Aluminum is offset by 3/4" from the wall by a wooden frame. These reproductions come either wire fastened or with a metal hook, and mounting nails are supplied. That way, when you are ready to hang your new wall art, you don't need to go to a hardware store.

III.) Durability -> We want you to value our modern artworks for life, as such, the industrial grade Aluminum is resilient and extremely hardwearing. In addition, our colorful artwork is printed using archival inks, which are designed to not fade for 75 years.


All Metallics orders will be fulfilled in 2-4 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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10/10 would recomend

Absolutely love this piece! I have it above my bed and it perfectly ties the room together. The colors pop and each time someone sees it, they are drawn to it and always ask. Full Moon is my favorite, but there are so many Bouhdy pieces I like! 10/10 recommend!